Project presentation
FFZG, 28/3/2019, 12:30

The presentation of the science popularization project Prehistoric Pottery: Interdisciplinary and experiment, was held in the premises of the Department of Archaeology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. The programme was presented by students.

Night of Museums at Museum of Brodsko Posavlje
Slavonski Brod, 1/2/2019

Participation at the Night of Museums of 2019 in Museum of Brodsko Posavlje with workshops and demonstrations of weaving techniques.

Sepomaia Viva 2018
Umag, 30/7 and 31/7/2018

Participation at 18th International Festival of Roman Times Sepomaia Viva in Umag.


PLIE - Prehistoric Pottery: Interdisciplinarity and Experiment
June 2018

The field part of the program has ended, more here:

III Festival of Experimental Archaeology - Spring at Andautonia



Program presentation at the Institute of Archaeology
Zagreb, 22/3/2018

Presentation of the science popularization program Prehistoric pottery: Interdisciplinarity and Experiment.




International Color Day
Zagreb, 21/3/2018

Participation at the conference BOJA U SUVREMENOSTI at the Technical Museum in Zagreb, with the lecture Colors of the Past - Contemporary Archaeological Perspective by Tena Karavidović.





Visit to the Archaeology park Százhalombatta


Sepomaia Viva 2017
Umag, 31/7 and 1/8/2017

Participation at the 17th International Festival of Roman Times Sepomaia Viva in Umag with the demonstration of weaving techniques.


II Festival of Experimental Archaeology - Spring at Andautonia
14/5 and 21/5/2017


Lecture at the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb

Visit to Archaeological Museum in Zagreb with the lecture Experimental Archaeology (by Andreja Kudelić and Tena Karavidović).

10th Experimental Archaeology Conference EAC10, Leiden (NL)
20 - 22/4/2017


Participation at the 10th edition of the Experimental Archeology Conference organized by EXARC, which was held in Leiden, Netherlands, in April. The Center participated with three presentations: Will We Ever Be Able to Reconstruct Prehistoric Pottery Production Processes? The Role of Experiments (paper, by Andreja Kudelić), Understanding the Archeological Record: Reconstructing a Warp-Weighted Loom (poster, by Tena Karavidović & Tajana Sekelj Ivančan) i Prehistoric Dances - Possibilities of Reconstruction (poster, by Ivana Turčin)

EXARC membership!

In January 2017, the Center for Experimental Archeology became a member of the European Association EXARC!

Annual conference of Croatian Archaeological Society

Archaeological research of Bjelovar-Bilogora County and its surroundings.

Experimental Archaeology - History Revived
City Museum of Split, 2/9/2016

Participation at the professional conference organized by the City Museum of Split and the Split Tourist Board as a part of the manifestation Days of Diocletian with the lecture Reconstruction of the past - application of systematic experiments in archaeology (by Andreja Kudelić and Tena Karavidović)

Sepomaia Viva 2016
Umag, 25/7 and 26/7/2016

Participation at the 16th International Festival of Roman Times Sepomaia Viva in Umag with the demonstration of weaving techniques.

Spring at Andautonia 2016
15/5 and 22/5/2016

Participation at the manifestation Spring at Andautonia with the demonstration of working with the loom.

Stories, Legends and Myths of Križevci and Kalnik Region
Križevci City Library, 25/4/2016

Presentation of the project Etymology, Legends and Mythical Beings of Kalnik Region (by Lidija Bajuk, Andreja Kudelić and Ivana Turčin), and reading of one of Kalnik fairytales.

Forgotten Movement at Archaeological Museum in Zagreb
Museum Day, 29/5/2015



Archaeology of Dance
Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, 29/4/2015

Visit to Archaeological Museum in Zagreb on the occasion of the International Dance Day with the lecture Archaeology of Dance (by Ivana Turčin).

Culture Shock festival
Križevci, 29/4/2015

Popular lecture titled Experimental Archaeology – Experimenting with the Past (by Andreja Kudelić).

Experimental Archaeology Days
Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, 5/11 and 29/11/2014



Forgotten Movement - premiere
Klovićevi Dvori Gallery, 18/6/2014



Dance rehearsals
Dance studio VEM, February - June 2014

As a part of the Forgotten Movement project, every Monday in dance studio VEM dance rehearsals are taking place. The choreographies are a part of an educational dance performance that will try to present a vision of dances from several selected prehistoric periods

Pottery workshops

Every Friday since autumn of 2013, we meet in the archeology department practice room and test the methods and techniques for making pottery vessels (testing of various methods of vessel making, surface treatment, decoration, etc.).

The workshop titled Through Experimental Archeology to Ceramic Vessels Production Technology in Prehistory has been formed in collaboration with the Department of Archeology of the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb and the Institute for Archeology, and includes series of lectures and practical workshops, whose direct users are the students of the Department of Archeology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb.

The workshop is led by Andreja Kudelić and Ina Miloglav, and Silvio Stanković and Maša Biruš Vuković often join us.

Experimental Archaeology Day
Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, 14/11/2013

Lecture and projection of the film Eci peci peć.

Eci peci peć - premiere
Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, 20/7/2013

Premiere projection of the documentary Eci peci peć, produced by Center for Experimental Archaeology and the Institute of Archaeology.