Eci peci peć

Eci Peci Peć is a short documentary based on video recordings of attempts at a reconstruction of the technological process of production of prehistoric ceramic vessels. Experiments were carried out as part of the project Technology and Social Aspects of Prehistoric Pottery Production and Use, initiated in collaboration with the Institute of Archaeology. We tried to integrate the results of this research and present them to the public with a short amateur documentary film. The film shows some of the experiments that were carried out and they are related to the process of firing pottery vessels in an ideal reconstruction of the horizontal pottery kiln. Archaeologists of the Center for Experimental Archaeology and the Institute of Archaeology, students of the Academy of Dramatic Art, and many volunteers participated in the realization of the film.

The film premiered on 20 July 2013 in the Lapidarium of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb.

Photo: Anita Ivanković