The Center for Experimental Archaeology is a non-profit organization based in Zagreb, Croatia. It was established with the goal of development, improvement and promotion of experimental archaeology and experimental approaches to the study of material and immaterial cultural heritage. Main activities of the Center are directed towards the experimental testing of archaeological theories and hypothesis. It promotes the usage of experiments in archaeology, actively educates in their proper use, supports its members during experimentation and encourages them to publish obtained results.

In order to achieve the goals set, the Center gathers professionals and amateurs from various fields and uses their diverse knowledge during the experimentation. Experiments include conceptual or theoretical (re)constructions of ancient structures or artefacts with detailed documentation of the processes of their construction, usage or decomposition. Since the active promotion of experimental archaeology represents the main part of the goals set, the Center – independently or in cooperation with various institutions – participates in the organization of seminars, workshops and popular events.



President: Andreja Kudelić
Vice president: Filomena Sirovica
Secretary: Ivana Turčin

PIN: 16050159938
Address: Travanjska 18, 10 000 Zagreb
Tel: +385 98 9000666

Privredna banka Zagreb (PBZ)
IBAN: HR5323400091110559356